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  • Dress Code
    • Dress Code

      Acceptable attire should be conservative and in good taste, respectful of the Club’s traditions. It is the responsibility of each member to conform to the dress requirements (at a minimum), and to ensure that family members and guests do as well. The dress code applies to children as well as adults and is in effect unless otherwise defined.

      Golf Course and Practice Areas

      Only golf attire is acceptable.

      In the Grill Room, 1906 Bar and at the Pavilion

      In addition to the attire permitted in the San Rafael Room, Living Room, Terrace and Library, golf attire is acceptable anytime.

      In the Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms and Golf Shop. At the Snack Bar and Commons.

      In addition to golf attire, presentable denim clothing and tennis apparel are acceptable anytime.

      In the San Rafael Room, Living Room, Terrace and Library

      After 6:00 p.m., ladies are requested to wear dresses, skirts with blouses, pants with blazers or evening outfits, and men are requested to wear suits or slacks, collared shirts and jackets.

      Prior to 6:00 p.m., the attire permitted under the preceding paragraph and golf attire are acceptable.

      Unacceptable Attire in all Areas of the Club

      Ripped clothes and clothes with holes, patches, tears or fraying ends are not permitted. Also, baggy or tight fitting trousers, leggings, cargo pants or shorts, beach footwear, beach attire, over-sized shirts, t-shirts, sweat shirts, sweat suits, warm-ups or tank tops are not permitted. Caps and hats may not be worn indoors.



      Women’s shirts and blouses must be tucked in, unless designed to be worn outside. Shirts and blouses must have collars and/or sleeves. Skirts, split skirts, Capri pants, Bermuda shorts, knickers and tailored slacks are considered proper golf attire. The length of skirts or shorts should be no more than four inches above the back of the knee. Denim clothing, cargo pants and exposed midriffs are not permitted.


      Men’s shirts must have collars and sleeves and be tucked in. Slacks, knickers or Bermuda shorts at knee length are acceptable golf attire. Caps and visors must be worn with the brims facing forward. Denim clothing, cargo pants or shorts are not permitted.

  • Club Standards
    • Arrival:

      Upon arriving at Annandale the gate attendant will direct you to your respective locker room. Please use the locker room to change into proper golf attire and golf shoes. The parking lot is not an acceptable place for changing.


      Annandale has a strict Dress Code (i.e. denim, cargo shorts, sweat suits, skirts and shorts shorter than 2 inches above the knee are not permitted.) Hats must be worn forward and shirts must be tucked in at all times. Men’s shirts must have collars and sleeves. Women’s shirts and blouses must have collars and/or sleeves. Hats are not to be worn inside the Club House or Locker Rooms.


      The caddies are independent contractors, operating their own business. Therefore, you pay the caddies directly. The typical going rate for a caddie is $50 for a forecaddie and $100 for a walking caddie.

      Cell Phones:

      Please put your mobile device on silent prior to leaving your vehicle. You may speak on the device in the parking lot only. No exceptions.

      Changing Shoes:

      Please use the locker room to change your shoes.

      Food and Beverage:

      You are welcome to use the snack bar, locker room and main club house eating areas while accompanied by an Annandale Member. Your home club account may be billed for any F&B related charges.

      Golf Shop:

      Your fees for the day may be charged back to your home club or paid using credit card.

      Pace of Play:

      Each group is expected to play in 4 hours or less. Please allow faster moving groups play through when appropriate.


      Annandale is located on the north side of the 134 Freeway in Pasadena. Please exit San Rafael and head north, the entrance is the first drive past the 134 ramp.

      Smoking Policy:

      Smoking is only permitted on the Men's Locker Room Patio, the Golf Course and in the Parking Lot. 

      Gratuity Policy

      No Gratuity Club.

  • Contact & Directions

    • AnnaNdale Golf Club

      1 North San Rafael Avenue
      Pasadena, California 91105
      Phone: 626-796-6125

      From West Los Angeles/Downtown: 

      • Take the 110 Harbor/Pasadena Freeway NORTH
      • Exit at Orange Grove Blvd. and turn LEFT
      • Head NORTH approximately two miles to Colorado Blvd. and the 134 Freeway [Colorado Blvd. to the right, the Freeway to the left]
      • Turn LEFT onto the 134 Freeway West, stay RIGHT and Exit San Rafael Avenue
      • Turn RIGHT at the light, and then a quick LEFT into the driveway of Annandale Golf Club.

      From San Gabriel Valley:

      • Take the 210 Freeway West to where the 134 Freeway begins (just past Orange Grove Blvd.)
      • Stay in the right lane
      • Exit at San Rafael Avenue
      • Turn RIGHT at the light, then a quick LEFT into the driveway of Annandale Golf Club
      • From Orange County: Take the 5 Freeway NORTH to the 605
      • Go NORTH to the 210 Freeway
      • WEST, to the 134 Freeway, past Orange Grove Blvd. And exit at San Rafael Avenue
      • Turn RIGHT at the light, and then a quick LEFT into the driveway of Annandale Golf Club.